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Lhamour Hong Kong

Lhamour Hong Kong was established in 2017 and is an authorized distributor for Lhamour Skincare products.

The Lhamour brand was established in 2014 by Khulan Davaadorj. Khulan returned to Mongolia after living abroad and found that her skin reacted to the heavy pollution and harsh environment. Her doctors highly recommended that she stop using heavy chemicals on her skin and to start using organic products.

Khulan found it difficult to find reasonably priced organic skin care products in Mongolia and so, after completing a UK accredited skin care formulation course, Khulan founded Lhamour, the first Mongolian organic skincare brand.  

Lhamour Hong Kong has facilitated the first official export of Lhamour products out of Mongolia. We have a dedicated online store showcasing our products that are available for sale.  These products can be delivered locally and internationally.  


Lhamour Hong Kong

Lhamour Hong Kong於2017年成立,是Lhamour Skincare產品的授權經銷商。

Lhamour品牌於2014年由Khulan Davaadorj創立。Khulan旅居國外後返回蒙古,發現皮膚不能適應嚴重的污染和嚴峻的氣候。醫生極力建議她停止使用化學護膚品並轉用有機產品。


Lhamour Hong Kong已協助Lhamour正式出口首批產品到蒙古以外的地方。我們有專門的網上商店展示我們售賣的產品,並提供本地及國際配送服務。



The Lhamour mission is to create a global Mongolian organic skincare brand. By combining unique traditional Mongolian ingredients with high quality natural ingredients, Lhamour aims to produce healthy skincare products that nourish and replenish the skin.

Our products are all handmade with 100% all natural ingredients. Lhamour products are made with no additives, perfumes, colouring or preservatives. They are safe for the whole family to use and can provide natural relief or preventative benefits for a number of skin allergies and conditions.

We believe in a sustainable production with environmentally friendly products. The Lhamour production facility focuses on using locally sourced raw materials (where possible) and recycled products.

Lhamour employs Mongolian labour and all our products are proudly made in Mongolia.









What makes us unique? 

Mongolia's average temperature is zero degrees (ranging from -40 degrees to +30 degrees) and is extremely dry all year round. One of the biggest problems in Ulaanbaatar (the capital city of Mongolia) is pollution, as it is surrounded by several coal fired power stations. As a result of these extreme conditions, eczema, acne, psoriasis and other skin conditions are common problems for people who live in Mongolia. Lhamour's products are designed to be effective with these harsh conditions in mind and are 100% natural with no artificial perfumes, colour or preservatives.  Traditional Mongolian ingredients are utilized for a unique skincare experience such as:
  • Jamts salt: Mongolian rock salt from North West Mongolia
  • Sheep’s tail tallow oil: Mongolian sheep store fat in their tails  
  • Yak’s milk: Yaks are widely used in Mongolia for milk, meat and clothing
  • Sheep's milk: Similarly, sheep are common in Mongolia for milk, meat and clothing
  • Sea buckthorn: Sea buckthorn berries have significant medicinal properties and grow naturally in Mongolia (see pictures below)
  • Horse oil: The horse is one of Mongolia’s national symbols.

We use only natural and organic ingredients that are gentle enough for all skin types.   




  • 岩鹽來自蒙古西北部的蒙古岩鹽
  • 羊尾油脂:蒙古羊在尾巴儲存的脂肪
  • 犛牛犛牛在蒙古被廣泛用作產乳、食用和製衣
  • 羊奶:同樣地,羊在蒙古亦常被用作產乳、食用和製衣
  • 沙棘:沙棘果實在蒙古天然生長具有很高的醫療價值(見下圖)
  • 馬油:馬是蒙古的國家象徵之一。



Lhamour is the first organic skincare company to be certified "Organic" by the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and is the first skincare brand to be exported from Mongolia.