At Lhamour, we have made gifting easy for you. We’ve combined our best selling products to create a variety of gift sets that would suit everyone.

We have carefully curated 6 sets priced between $120 to $640 making it affordable for any occasion. Our gift sets are packaged beautifully and are extremely good value being approximately 20% off the regular retail price.




Starter set” (Set A $120)


Coconut lip balm, Hand butter (30 grams) & a LHAMOUR gift box. 

This is the perfect gift for all individuals that are conscious about the products they use and is a great introduction to Lhamour. This set includes 30 grams of our hand butter (which contains sea buckthorn oil that is native to Mongolia), a coconut lip balm (that incorporates organic locally sourced beeswax) and a LHAMOUR gift box.

Girlfriend set” (Set B $250)

Coconut lip balm, Hand butter (30grams), Revitalizing body oil & a LHAMOUR gift box. 

This set combines the same products as the “Starter set” and includes a bottle of our amazing Revitalizing body oil. This lemongrass scented oil is perfect as a daily moisturizer or take it to your favorite masseuse and ask them to use it knowing that your skin is absorbing all natural and organic ingredients.

Pamper set” (Set C $450)

Coconut lip balm, Hand butter (30grams), Revitalizing body oil, Coffee bean body scrub & a LHAMOUR gift box. 

This set includes all of the items in "The girlfriend set" plus our best selling product, the Coffee bean body scrub. This is the ultimate pamper set that is perfect to get your skin ready for any holiday season.


Facial detox” (Set D $375)

Anti-pollution facial oil, Konjac facial sponge & a LHAMOUR gift box.

If you are looking for something specific to the face, this is the perfect set for you. This set includes our natural Konjac facial sponge and an Anti-pollution facial oil that contains sea buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn is full of anti-oxidants and is known to have anti-aging effects on the skin.


Baby shower gift” (Set E $270)

Baby balm, Children's soap, Nipple butter care & a LHAMOUR gift box.

Our maternity products have become increasing popular as we use only the highest quality ingredients that “is good enough to eat”. Our set includes a bottle of Nipple care for breastfeeding mums, a Baby balm and a Children’s soap. The Children’s soap contains 3 small sized soaps and is a gentle cleanser for all skin types.

Another popular item for kids is our "Jamts Salt Lamp" ($800).

Our salt lamps are beautifully handcrafted into the shape of a “Ger” which are traditional dwellings of the nomadic Mongolian. In the countryside, nomadic Mongolians will customarily offer the warmth and comfort of their Gers for passers-by who are lost or may be caught in bad weather. Our lamps convey that same warmth and comfort in your home with a soft and gentle ambient light that creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.


"Hand set" (Set F $640)

Lhamour's Natural liquid soap (250mls) & Hand butter (250grams)

This set is the perfect combination for any bathroom and is great as a housewarming, birthday or Christmas gift as our products are all natural, handmade and will leave your skin soft and moisturised. Alternatively, the liquid soap is also great to use on the body and hand butter can be placed at on your office desk.