Camel Wool Blanket

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Lhamour camel wool blankets are made from 100% Mongolian baby camel wool. Our blankets are 200 centimeters long and 145 centimeters wide making them perfect as a couch throw or a luxurious bed blanket. Each blanket comes beautifully wrapped with a Lhamour kraft gift box. 

Camels are native to Mongolia and have adapted to the extreme conditions of the desert and high mountains. They have vast deposits of fatty tissue in their humps where all their fat is stored allowing the rest of their body to remain cool. Their hair keeps them cool in the extreme desert heat and insulated in the mountains when it is cold. Due to these thermostatic properties that are transferred into any garments made from camel hair, local Mongolians wear camel hair to protect them through the intense heat of the day and bitter coldness of the night.

Camels produce two types of hair: the outer layer (referred to as guard hair) and an inner layer (the undercoat which is softer and warmer). During the spring molting season, we work closely with a group of Mongolian herders who carefully comb each baby camel by hand. This only occurs once a year for 4-6 weeks during the spring season when the camels naturally shed. Once the hair has been combed, it goes through various processing stages: sorting, scouring, dehairing, spinning and then weaving. We use only the finest inner layer from this process to produce our baby camel wool blankets.

Baby camel hair is comparable to cashmere in softness, warmth and weight and we recommend that all blankets are dry-cleanable only. Each batch of blankets are uniquely special, no chemicals or bleach have been used so may differ slightly in color depending on the baby camel. Due to the limited amount of camels and scarcity of camel wool supplies, only a limited amount of baby camel wool blankets are made each year.

We hope you enjoy our blanket as much as we love making them!