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- As featured in "China Daily Premium Lifestyle" 2016

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My skin has become extremely dry since returning to Hong Kong causing chapped and inflamed skin. Moisturizes weren't enough and only strong medicated creams helped. I tried Lhamour's Healing Salve and with one application, I woke up and the inflammation was gone. Three days in and I've seen huge improvement. I highly recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin due to dryness or psoriasis.

Amy Tang

I've tried a lot of organic products and hoped these would be different... And they are! When I tried the body oil & coffee scrub, I was REALLY impressed with the quality! I'll be back for more!

Mabel Lynch

I LOVE the coconut lip balm!!! Smooth & creamy without being greasy, an instant saviour to chapped lips and best of all - it smells heavenly!

Jacqui Shi



Winner of "The 2016 Leadership Awards" by Forbes Magazine, Y&R Institute and Titem


Winner of "The Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards" - 2016


Winner of the "Best Young Entrepreneur in Asia Pacific" - 2016

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